Ta-Da Tuesday: How I Connect

180 Ta-Da Tuesday!!!

Hello dear people!!!! It has been a LONG week since my last post and please forgive me for my lack thereof. I’ve actually been looking forward to Ta-Da Tuesday and I’m ready to go!!! Today’s topic, How I connect, I will relate to my classroom and how I connect with parents and students.


How I Connect


When I think of the tool that has COMPLETELY revolutionized how I communicate with parents, it HAS to be Remind. Remind is like the ultimate texting tool, but it also preserves your privacy. Have a quiz tomorrow and you’d like for students to “study” and parents to know? In comes Remind. Seriously! Last year, I had a parent thank me for Remind multiple times because she finally had a way to know what was going on in the classroom in real time. Yes, you may say I email parents or use a calling post but I will be the first to tell you I check my email a couple times a day and calling post…welllll those can easily be “missed”. Remind is a text message, which means that while the student is perusing Instagram or a parent is updating his/her status on Facebook up pops your text! Not only does it come from you, but it also comes from a number that they cannot text or call back.

Remind, for me, is also the ultimate in allowing me to be as spontaneous as my life is. For instance, I can be at my son’s football practice and know that I can compose and send a message to my class in seconds. Not only have I used this in the classroom, but as a team mom as well. I could go on and on about how amazing this app is and how easy it is to use, but I will give you the chance to discover it and PLEASE let me know how much you love it (because you will)!

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