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Organized-My Plan of Action


Well, it’s September!!!! I am ready to share my personal plan of action using my Erin Condren Life Planner and this month’s printable! I hope seeing how I use it inspires you to set goals and reach them this month!!!! Here’s a few pics!




Although your personal truth or “10 Commandments” theoretically not supposed to change I believe that life happens and you tweak your truths accordingly. This month, I added a few points and I’d like to tell you why.

1. Give yourself to the little things. If you follow us on Instagram, you will notice that this was a retweet from  @myvicariouslyfe. She is a fellow blogger and a mentor to me “in my head”. I love following people  who encourage you to grow and she has shared her journey of personal and career growth over social media many times. She had the opportunity to attend the Life You Want Tour here in Atlanta and this gem was dropped. It is becoming more and more obvious to me that if we take the time to attend to the small things (i.e. thank you’s, reaching out, sparking conversations, etc.) the payoff can be immense! For some this may mean reaching out to someone you admire and then following up with an email. It may mean that you tweak a small area of your life, such as connecting with your team at work to develop a relationship, but you need to do the little things in order to reap BIG benefits!

2. Labor. Deliver! I am currently reading Talk Like Ted and I am learning how important it is to prepare. The author gives tips on how to give Ted quality talks and the one point that sticks with me is that we need to practice. The process is arduous, but it WILL pay off! Repeatedly mentioned is how great of a speaker Steve Jobs was, but Gallo stresses that there are often thousands of hours put into these short, yet poignant, presentations! If we are willing to labor over our goals, we will have no choice but to deliver!!

You might notice, if you viewed last month’s plan of action, that some of these goals did not change! I am still tweaking some of them and others, I found truly helped keep me organized and I am carrying them into September as reminders! I think I conquered the write things down goal of August, but I need to be more adamant about planning ahead (i.e. I wrote down I needed to buy snacks for football, but I forgot because I didn’t plan ahead to go to the grocery store). This month’s goals are pretty self-explanatory and I know that they will work together to build amazing connections!

Connect 1This month, I attached my calendar using the Erin Condren Coil Clips. However, I receieved them in a RAK (random act of kindness) package and don’t want to run through them…in comes washi tape!!! I can easily attach and reattach the coil clips after using the washi to attach them. I know it sounds cheap, but these things are $7 +shipping for 12 and I just don’t have the time or money to buy tons!

Alright, now it’s YOUR turn to share! If you’ve downloaded, be sure to tag us on IG or share your blogpost. If you haven’t download it and get started!!!!

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