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Five for Friday: Reflect and Learn

Five for Friday

Hey y’all!!! Linking up again for Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching. I chose to do a week of reflection…it’s been a doozy!!  Here it goes…

Five for Friday1

Four Agreements

Lately, I’ve really been trying to make some intentional movement in my life. It seems so “deep”, but I have come to figure out that it’s just a few small changes that can bring about such big differences! I started reading The Four Agreements and it has really sparked a change in my mind. There are four laws and the I’ve gotten to the 1st and 2nd. It’s been SO hard to get past these two, not because it’s a hard read, but because I keep finding myself taking time to truly reflect and learn. I am almost positive I’ve practiced close reading, exponentially, but I truly reccommend this book if you’re looking to make some changes in your life.

Five for Friday2


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I got into a car accident this week. I wish I could blame it on texting on driving or something else, but I just wasn’t paying attention. I am waiting to hear about damage, but I’m really hoping that the car isn’t totaled. Although I’m upset the whole ordeal occurred, I’m very thankful that my son and I were able to walk away unharmed. Yes, my ego may be a bit bruised but after some reflection…this is what I’ve paid insurance for all these years and I guess I’m going to get my money’s worth either way.

Five for Friday3

My Style File

The past two weeks I’ve been taking part in the #trendyruffleprepstyle August weekday style challenges by Ruffle Prep Style! This has been a true exercise in digging deep, in my closet. So much of the time we think we “need” more, we don’t have enough, or you just don’t have anything to wear. This challenge allowed me to see just how much I have and even pieces I thought I’d never wear are coming back to life!!! I spent the summer working out and I’m happy to report that some pieces I couldn’t fit before baby #2 are back in rotation too. It’s an amazing opportunity to reflect on what I have and learn to “make it work”. Thanks for the push ladies!

Five for Friday4

I don’t know if I’ve truly had a reaction to a celebrity death as an adult, but that all changed this week. Robin Williams, when I first read about his suicide I thought it was a cruel twitter hoax. Then, I realized it wasn’t. This man…I remember…like yesterday! Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji, Patch Adams…those were my movies!!! How could he go? Then the details start coming in. He was suffering from depression and in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease. These are horrible diseases, but it’s so hard to TRULY know what’s going on in the victim”s head. You have to stop and reflect on the people around you. Learn about what’s going on with them. Share a conversation…it could save a life!

Five for Friday5

I don’t have any other way to say this, other than to say through taking time to reflect and learn I’ve become a much more thankful person! Even writing this post, I can only be thankful I’m writing right now!!!! People all around us are doing SO much worse, but just take some time to be thankful and say thank you!!!! You never know what your midday text could do for someone else. Stop and enjoy the moment…reflect and learn!!!

Organized: 5 Tips to getting the most out of your day

beyonce mug


Whether you hate to admit it or not, Beyonce is a BEAST . I have found myself wondering how she gets it all done and manage to look AMAZING?!?!? Today, I want to share my 5 tips to getting the most out of your day. Yes, these will completely change how you use your time and I’m telling you they work!

1. Plan it – Remember the planner you bought with full intentions of using it? DO IT! Plan out your dinners, your lunch or whatever it is that really needs to get done. Then, prioritize! Is watching Scandal as important as getting lesson plans done (that’s a rhetorical question, sorta)? If they’re equally important, figure out a way to do them at the same time! Or decide to work for 30 minutes as it DVR’s so you don’t have to waste time watching commercials!!!! Plan out when you are going to do whatever it is and just do it!

what the most successful people do before breakfast
2 Do it in the morning.- Over the summer, I read the book What the Most Succesful People Do Before Breakfast. I think the one thing that the book pointed out was to just do it in the morning!!! Want to exercise? Do it in the morning. Want to be more successful of writing your blog posts? Do it in the morning! Need to reply to emails? Do it in the morning!!! Putting things off until later in the day only makes them harder to do. For instance, working out in the morning seem impossible? It isn’t, in fact it’s the time when your mind is most clear and focused! You can do it uninhibited and without any distractions. Being a mom, I’ve learned that my runs are MY time to decompress and what better time to do that than in the morning. In fact, I had a goal to read this book…and I did it in the morning on a run!

3. Find a way to remember– Write down whatever is that you want to do. I have ideas pop in my head at the oddest times and then, I forget! I have learned that writing these things down are the foolproof way of being aware and able to complete the tasks that I need to get done. For me, writing things down and snapping a picture is the best way I can get my ideas to stick and find them later! Got a planner? Make a notes page for ideas and jotting down points you’d like to remember!


4. Sleep. I know…I’m a mom/teacher/wife/counselor/nurse/friend/sister and the list goes on, but you must realize your body has limits. While reading Thrive, Ariana Huffington mentions how important it is to sleep and how bad decisions are often made in the midst of not enough sleep! Think of how groggy you are after a hard night and being forced to wake up and “be productive”. We have to stop sometimes and realize that those lesson plans, projects, and school tasks will be there tomorrow. However, forcing yourself to finish NOW could mean that you make a decision while completing that is not the most conducive for said tasks. Be aware of your body and turn off all those “tabs” in your brain…you’ll thank yourself in the morning.

you can do anythiing but not everything

5. Say No. Yes, it is okay to say no. You don’t have to be rude. You don’t have to apologize. You don’t even have to have a reason why you’re saying no. Just know that saying no, is okay! Too much of our time can be spent by others, which isn’t fair to you! Getting the most out of your day is about YOU! Don’t get sucked into pleasing other people and forget who you’re doing this for. Volunteering for one more committee or completing one more project now could be an amazing experience, but it could be the one thing standing in between you and success. Make sure that what you’re doing is serving a purpose and helping you get one step closer to your reality! If it doesn’t, think about why you’re doing it and prioritize it amongst your other tasks!

I hope you’ve taken something good from these tips to getting the most out of your day and you will follow these tips!

What do you do to ensure you’re getting the most out of  your day, without going crazy?

Meet the Teacher

meet the teacher!
Hey Y’all!!! I’m linking up with Falling int First for Meet the Teacher, because who DOESN’T like to read about the people we follow on IG, Facebook, Pinterest, and all the other social media outlets?!?!? I’ve been teaching for 7 years, all of them in Middle School. I was doing Special Education for the past 6 years and recently moved into a new position teaching Business Technology
I am a wife of 3 years and mommy to two kiddos!!!  I’m 29 years old, originally from Ohio and currently living in Georgia. I, along with some of my college friends, migrated to GA about 7 years ago and call ourselves the Buckeye Peaches!!!
 I like to run! Mostly, I like to workout because I like to EAT!!!!! I don’t have too many foods I don’t like, but I’m not too big a fan of sweets. Other than working out, I really enjoy reading but there’s rarely time for that until the Summer! Which is another thing I love…Summer and the beach!!!
715 729
I actually went to school for Textiles and Clothing and moved to GA to work for Nordstrom! If I wasn’t teaching, I’d be a stylist for Neiman Marcus and do New Artist Development/Branding for a record label.
 Dedicated. Loyal. Encouraging
“I want Summer break to end, said no teacher ever”
Mmmmhhhhh….. I would invite Barack Obama. I don’t really have a reason (other than bragging rights) why, but I think that would be a pretty cool story to tell my kiddos! I mean, who gets to have the POTUS at their bday party?!?!?!
The story of the girl who wanted to do EVERYTHING, but decided to be the best Racheal she could be.

 Seeing into the future, duh! Mega Millions anyone?!?!?!
I don’t have one of those…I’m not one to “favorite” a quote because I think there are different quotes that apply so well from day to day.
Sing?!?!?! HA!!! I’d sing a Beyonce song, but mostly because I’d be trying to so hard to dance that I probably wouldn’t be able to sing and hurt anyone’s ears.
Interestingly enough, I’m a bit of both! No matter what time I go to bed I can always get up in the morning.
I’d like to think that’s some sort of mommy trick though.

organize capture 1
 Although I don’t have a TPT shop, I would definitely say that our August organizer is an amazing tool   August-180Organize.pdf (1431 downloads) !!!

Although I do love to teach, this was NEVER my life plan. I do think that I was born to teach. Sounds cheesy, but I always like sharing information and getting to know a lot of people around me. I can remember being in college and writing a plan to start a company called Weft and Course. This would be an outreach to teach students about the many jobs within the fashion community besides being a designer! I know it’s a gift and I’m very thankful that I started teaching…although I would like a nicer paycheck every month!!!
Oh and don’t forget that THE Ohio State is the best place to go to college…GO BUCKS!!!



Five for Friday: A week of Firsts

Hey y’all!!!! It’s Friday…and I’m thankful!!! SO thankful!!! It has been a week of firsts and that is what I’m choosing to reflect on with my Five For Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching


Five for Friday


Five for Friday1

60 Miles in July

 I have been working on my health and set a goal to work out, seriously, over the summer. Well summer is over and I lost 12lbs…(insert HUGE grin). I am so proud of myself, but I tend to get in a running “rut” and I participated in a challenge for July to run 60 miles. It may not be a lot for some, but for me that was a LOT. I don’t run during the day or at night, because of my daughter who tends to not be too cooperative with workouts. Instead, I wake up at 430am to run with a local group in my area. This adds a whole new element to my workouts because sometimes I’m just “too tired” or my daughter will wake up before my alarm…no fun! Anywho, I got my 60 miles in!!!! That was an accomplishment


Five for Friday2


1st Day of School 2014

Today is the last day of the first week of school!!! I am exhausted, to say the least, but it’s always so fun to see old students and meet some newbies too!!!! It wasn’t just MY first day of school though, it was also my son’s!! He’s in love with school and couldn’t wait to get back!!!! (excuse my wet hair and makeup-free face…it was the first day and I promise everything that could happened, DID!)


Five for Friday3



Along with school, my kiddo started football!!! He is SO excited and I’m ready to cheer him on. Yep, I plan on being “that” mom witheverything with his name and/or number and anything else you can imagine. I think he’s ready to play and I hope we have an amazing season!!!


Five for Friday4


1 week blog launch

 Today is 180 Days to Happy 1-week “anniversary” of the beginning of our journey!!! Thanks for being an amazing group of teachers and supporting a community where our only aim is to increase our happy inside and outside of the classroom. (This was how I marked it in my planner!!! I’m’ falling in love with stickers these days)

Five for Friday5


 I can’t believe that it has been just over a  month since I FULLY embraced the idea of “launching” 180 Days to Happy. With the help of YOU I have experienced an enormous amount of support and I am sooooo Thankful!!!!!!! Cheers to 300 followers and  the first of many more milestones!!!!


Alright…it’s been a doozy of a week!!! I’m soooo excited for this weekend, but this week has been an amazing week of experiences!

How was your week? Headed back to school next week?

Organized: My Plan of Action

As I’ve mentioned before, each month will have a specific growth area, with this month’s being Organization. I created my plan of action using the August printable and placed it in my Erin Condren Life planner. Here’s a look…


 EC Life Planner Organize 2



IMG_6851 EC Life Planner 3

I downloaded and printed at 75%, a PERFECT fit for EC pages. I know that I won’t use all of the Notes pages, and I love that there’s a tab for me to flip directly to it. I know that I’ll change these pages out often, so I used Washi tape to “attach” them! Isn’t it pretty (had a coupon and paid $1.88 for a nice size roll)! I love that along with the monthly download, we included quotes for inspiration, it’s a nice touch and who doesn’t like some midday inspiration while reviewing your goals? As you can see, my goals are simple…REALLY simple, but they’re some areas that if I do them they will help me with all the areas of my life. My personal truths, again simple but useful! No matter what our growth area is I’ll always have a list of “truths” to guide me. Want in on a secret? My calendar…I attached using a bread fastener!


Cool, right? Need to download the organizer August-180Organize.pdf (1431 downloads) ?

 Need a planner to get started?

 What have you done to help yourself get organized? What is your plan of action?