Five For Friday: Ready for the Weekend

Five for Friday

Hey y’all…it’s been a doozy of a week around my way so I decided to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for a quite reflective Five for Friday! I can’t believe we’re DONE with week 4 and heading into our first break of sorts. Kids don’t come back until Wednesday, so it’s a mini break, but much needed! My first month of teaching Business Tech has forced me to pull out the true teacher in me and make adjustments, be spontaneous, and be a LOT more stressed than my previous six years. Anywho, here’s to my week…in pictures and a few words!

Five for Friday1

I finally got up the  nerve to order a teacher planner!! I’m SO excited to get this thing and really get this year started off in a teacher planner. I seriously tried a LOT of options! I tried Jessica, of The Teacher’s Talk, template. I merged a few templates I found in TPT. I seriously tried a bit of everything, but I think I just had to have my curiosity met after seeing the Erin Condren Teacher Planner. Here’s to hoping curiosity doesn’t kill this cat!

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Ok, this is a trivial thing but it has SERIOUSLY changed my life!!! I teach about 90 kids, a day, BUT I teach 2 blocks. Yep, that’s 180 kids!!!! Since there are a few hundred things that need to be graded, handed, back, or just thrown around giving each student a number in alphabetical order has made everything better! I have assigned seats, handed back papers, and most importantly cut my grade entering time in half!!! I know elementary teacher’s think this is an old trick but THANK YOU blog and Instagram world for showing it to this middle school teacher 🙂

Five for Friday3

Every year, there’s a shift in my world but especially this one and it all hinges on football!!! I am SOOOOO excited for college football, even though our qb is out for the seaon (cue the exasperated emoji) and I have no idea how I’m going to handle this. Our house is one divided, so I split my Saturdays cheering on the Buckeyes and booing and/or poking at the Georgia Bulldog fans I’m surrounded by. It’s always fun to have something to look forward to on Saturday. This year Saturday’s will be especially fun since not only do I have college football, but I also have my son to cheer on! Bring on the Football!!!

Five for Friday4


Did you miss the VMA’S or perhaps you were on another planet when Beyonce put on an EPIC performance?!?!? On top of that, her husband and daughter presented her with the award and it was a moment! I am already a crazed fan, but seriously this Sunday took it to an epic level!!! It’s always nice to see a genuinely happy moment happen right in front of you and I do believe that this is the epitome.

p.s. Here’s a bonus moment of Blue Ivy!!


Five for Friday5

180 Ta-Da Tuesday!!!I am SOOOO excited to announce that I’ll be hosting a weekly Linky Party!!! I have to thank The Therapuetic Teacher for the amazing graphic and @schoolbellesandtattletales on IG for the name, but this is something that will serve as a place of joy every Tuesday. We will have a “theme” of sorts some weeks, but others I’ll encourage you to just share something good that’s happened to you, you accomplished, or whatever you feel deserves a Ta-Da!!!! Watch out on IG, Facebook, and Twitter for the announcement of our 1st theme!!! Have a theme you’d like to see on Ta-Da Tuesday? Drop a comment and let’s make it happen! Get ready…this is going to be an amazing party!!!


So, that’s my week!!! I’m headed to the beach for the weekend…I’ve been looking forward to it all week!!!!



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  1. Lynda says:

    You will LOVE the Erin Condren Teacher Planner! I have it, and it is amazing!! I’ve repurposed the graph paper section for my students with IEPs, and I added an extra “Keep It Together” folder, so I have everything together! It’s amazing!

    • 180daystohappy says:

      Lynda! I would LOVE to see how you work the graph pages. I always see teachers say that they don’t know what to do with the pages!! I teach close to 200 students over 2 days, so ANYTHING to keep me organized is highly useful. Do you have pictures?

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