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Well, it’s been almost a whole month since the launch of 180 Days to Happy…time flies! Our first growth area, organization, offered you a chance to take a look within and make some changes I hope you maintain. In our first few posts on the blog we talked about how important it is topurchase Robaxin, robaxin 750 mgs, and lastly why robaxin mg! So let’s take a walk down memory lane with my goals and take some time to reflect.

robaxin mg dosage

1. Never leave a messy bed. THIS. IS. A. TOUGH. FETE. I think that making your bed in the morning is an act of solidarity and it sets your day off in a neat and tidy manner. If I’m the last to leave, this get done, but sometimes the Mr. didn’t keep this up! I blame him!


2. 15 Minutes to breathe. Of all the goals I set this month, I do believe this has been the most helpful. This may not have been 15 minutes of quiet, or even non-working time, but it was 15 minutes of ME time. I took these moments to call my mom, write down things in my planner, and even write thank you notes. In these moments, I took the time to do something for me which is the most important part of the goal.


3. Write it down, BIG or small. If I told you how much I’ve come to love this goal, you’d probably think I’m crazy! Writing things down means that I have taken some time to invest in myself. This goal has saved me from late fees, missing appointments, and tons of other foolishness that otherwise would have slipped my mind. Even if it’s not in a “planner” writing things down can offer you time and a space to vent and reflect, TAKE IT!


4.Plan ahead. I will tell you, this was key to my goal of being organized. Planning ahead means that I do things that make my days run a bit more smoothly, which is always an amazing thing. I plan my runs, with pretty stickers in my planner. I plan dinner, in my planner. I’ve even come to plan things out more definitely with the people around me. Planning ahead means that I can organize my plans around the meeting I now remember I have, thanks to my planner!


As you can see, this month has been a learning experience…for the good. You never truly know the extent of the growth you’re experiencing until you’re put in a position to be pushed beyond your boundaries. In education, every day we are forced to deal with situations, people, and changes that sometimes others could never imagine. I encourage you to control the biggest controllable, yourself. Don’t let others trap you in their ideas and poor morale! Make changes within yourself to increase your happy…it will show!


How did our growth area help you this month? What changes have you made? 

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