Making the decision to be Happy

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Making the decision to be happy doesn’t seem like much of a choice on a day that starts sourly or after some bad news, but how much of being happy do you control? This thought crossed my mind just a couple days ago when I got a reminder I’d signed up to take a class with the name The Science of Happiness. As I moseyed through a week filled with football practices, rental cars (yep, the car is totaled), and life difficulties, it becomes easy to lose sight of my own goals in life. This email snapped me back into reality and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about me allowing my happiness to be sabotaged.

You may think sabotaged is a harsh word, but I have truly come to learn that allowing others to control your happiness is just a cunning way to keep you from progressing. Going into a day with the thought “this sucks” is just not the way to lead into a good mood or being successful, so why do we do it? Is there a trick to remaining happy? Or is it just a cycle we go through to remain balanced and realistic? My answer is it is truly YOUR choice. Making a decision to do something often yields results you never thought you would be able to reach. Take for instance weight loss. Yes, you’ve made a resolution, but until you truly decide to lose the weight you often stall out and put it off until the next Monday or next month. Deciding to lose weight means you’ve actually made an action plan AND put it in motion!! As we all know, motion builds momentum and the movement towards progress yields results which are often encouraging  themselves! Although it’s nice to set a goal, until you’ve truly DECIDED to move forward you’ll forever be stuck.

 Think of the DirecTv commercial….

As a teacher our journey isn’t always an easy one, but making the decision to be happy can yield unfathomable results that even our students are able to take advantage of. Don’t end up the bitter teacher…don’t go into tomorrow or the next day without making the decision to be happy.

You’ll thank yourself later!

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