Organized: 3 Ways to stretch your wardrobe on a teacher’s budget

As a teacher, there’s a certain point where you start to realize that you didn’t get into the profession for the amazing pay. It’s usually around the time you think about how much you’d like that amazing new wardrobe when it’s time to head back to school, just like the kids! Throw in shopping for a classroom, perhaps children of your own, and maybe a vacation and your teacher’s budget shines bright like a diamond…or perhaps an old cubic zirconia. This year I spent the summer working out and it was definitely time to upgrade my wardrobe, or so I thought. I had a few things happen and I just haven’t had time to shop for myself. Today, we’ll talk about 3 ways to stretch your wardrobe on a teachers’ budget which is what I’ve learned in just a few short weeks!


1. Participate in challenges. In this wonderful world of Instagram, I’ve met some REALLY cool ladies! Teachers seem to have the innate ability to share their wealth of knowledge and do it seamlessly wherever they go! While perusing my feed I’ve come across quite the fashionable teachers and they have some really cool ways to help you stretch your wardrobe, through style challenges. Take for instance @ruffletuesday @trendyteacher & @pennsylvania_prep_girl and their #trendyruffleprepstyle challenge. Each week in August, they’ve released a “schedule” of theme’s for your outfits. I was skeptical at first about completing the challenge, but it’s been REALLY fun! I’ve dug wayyyyyyyy in the back of my closet and repurposed some items in a way I’d never thought possible! I encourage you to find a few “trendy” ladies on Instagram, follow, and participate in a style challenge!




2.Revisit the Basics. As a woman there are always those “basics” everyone speaks of, but as a teacher we have our own set of basics! Think comfy shoes, a ton of cardigans, and khaki or black pants? Yes, those basics are staples in perhaps every teachers wardrobe, but take the time to revisit the true classics of  a woman’s wardrobe. Think of a white t-shirt, yes it sounds crazy to spend over $10 on a t-shirt, but think of the MANY ways you can wear it! With a quick change of accessories, you can take a shirt from day to night and from the classroom to date night!!! Try it out…it’s amazing what the classics you have can do for your wardrobe.


Style this Life

3. Accesorize. OMG…I am the first to just get overwhelmed at the sight of accessories in a store. As crazy as it seems, these accessories can make an old wardrobe brand new. So, you love J. Crew (I know I do) but can’t afford their jewels? Try the next best thing…Etsy. I will tell you, once you start browsing Etsy you’re never gonna want to stop browsing Etsy, but there is SO much for you to see!!!! Using Instagram, I’ve come across two SUPER stylish shops, Stylethislife and Glitter and Juls. Although the jewelry is stylish, it’s reasonably priced and think of the MANY ways you can wear it!!! If you’re into small metal jewelry, Forever 21 has a zillion pieces under $5 that are sure to make you happy and fit right into your teacher budget!!!




 How do you keep your teacher wardrobe fresh? What’s your go to accessory? 

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