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Five For Friday: Ready for the Weekend

Five for Friday

Hey y’all…it’s been a doozy of a week around my way so I decided to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for a quite reflective Five for Friday! I can’t believe we’re DONE with week 4 and heading into our first break of sorts. Kids don’t come back until Wednesday, so it’s a mini break, but much needed! My first month of teaching Business Tech has forced me to pull out the true teacher in me and make adjustments, be spontaneous, and be a LOT more stressed than my previous six years. Anywho, here’s to my week…in pictures and a few words!

Five for Friday1

I finally got up the ¬†nerve to order a teacher planner!! I’m SO excited to get this thing and really get this year started off in a teacher planner. I seriously tried a LOT of options! I tried Jessica, of The Teacher’s Talk, template. I merged a few templates I found in TPT. I seriously tried a bit of everything, but I think I just had to have my curiosity met after seeing the Erin Condren Teacher Planner. Here’s to hoping curiosity doesn’t kill this cat!

Five for Friday2image

Ok, this is a trivial thing but it has SERIOUSLY changed my life!!! I teach about 90 kids, a day, BUT I teach 2 blocks. Yep, that’s 180 kids!!!! Since there are a few hundred things that need to be graded, handed, back, or just thrown around giving each student a number in alphabetical order has made everything better! I have assigned seats, handed back papers, and most importantly cut my grade entering time in half!!! I know elementary teacher’s think this is an old trick but THANK YOU blog and Instagram world for showing it to this middle school teacher ūüôā

Five for Friday3

Every year, there’s a shift in my world but especially this one and it all hinges on football!!! I am SOOOOO excited for college football, even though our qb is out for the seaon (cue the exasperated emoji) and I have no idea how I’m going to handle this. Our house is one divided, so I split my Saturdays cheering on the Buckeyes and booing and/or poking at the Georgia Bulldog fans I’m surrounded by. It’s always fun to have something to look forward to on Saturday. This year Saturday’s will be especially fun since not only do I have college football, but I also have my son to cheer on! Bring on the Football!!!

Five for Friday4


Did you miss the VMA’S or perhaps you were on another planet when Beyonce put on an EPIC performance?!?!? On top of that, her husband and daughter presented her with the award and it was a moment! I am already a crazed fan, but seriously this Sunday took it to an epic level!!! It’s always nice to see a genuinely happy moment happen right in front of you and I do believe that this is the epitome.

p.s. Here’s a bonus moment of Blue Ivy!!


Five for Friday5

180 Ta-Da Tuesday!!!I am SOOOO excited to announce that I’ll be hosting a weekly Linky Party!!! I have to thank The Therapuetic Teacher for the amazing graphic and @schoolbellesandtattletales on IG for the name, but this is something that will serve as a place of joy every Tuesday. We will have a “theme” of sorts some weeks, but others I’ll encourage you to just share something good that’s happened to you, you accomplished, or whatever you feel deserves a Ta-Da!!!! Watch out on IG, Facebook, and Twitter for the announcement of our 1st theme!!! Have a theme you’d like to see on Ta-Da Tuesday? Drop a comment and let’s make it happen! Get ready…this is going to be an amazing party!!!


So, that’s my week!!! I’m headed to the beach for the weekend…I’ve been looking forward to it all week!!!!



Organized: Time to Reflect


Well, it’s been almost a whole month since the launch of 180 Days to Happy…time flies! Our first growth area, organization, offered you¬†a chance to take a look within and make some changes I hope you maintain. In our first few posts on the blog we talked about how important it is to set goals, maintain a place to keep them, and lastly why reflection is key! So let’s take a walk down memory lane with my goals and take some time to reflect.

EC Life Planner 3

1. Never leave a messy bed. THIS. IS. A. TOUGH. FETE. I think that making your bed in the morning is an act of solidarity and it sets your day off in a neat and tidy manner. If I’m the last to leave, this get done, but sometimes the Mr. didn’t keep this up! I blame him!


2. 15 Minutes to breathe. Of all the goals I set this month, I do believe this has been the most helpful. This may not have been 15 minutes of quiet, or even non-working time, but it was 15 minutes of ME time. I took these moments to call my mom, write down things in my planner, and even write thank you notes. In these moments, I took the time to do something for me which is the most important part of the goal.


3. Write it down, BIG or small.¬†If I told you how much I’ve come to love this goal, you’d probably think I’m crazy! Writing things down means that I have taken some time to invest in myself. This goal has saved me from late fees, missing appointments, and tons of other foolishness that otherwise would have slipped my mind. Even if it’s not in a “planner” writing things down can offer you time and a space to vent and reflect, TAKE IT!


4.Plan ahead. I will tell you, this was key to my goal of being organized. Planning ahead means that I do things that make my days run a bit more smoothly, which is always an amazing thing. I plan my runs, with pretty stickers in my planner. I plan dinner, in my planner. I’ve even come to plan things out more definitely with the people around me. Planning ahead means that I can organize my plans around the meeting I now remember I have, thanks to my planner!


As you can see, this month has been a learning experience…for the good. You never truly know the extent of the growth you’re experiencing until you’re put in a position to be pushed beyond your boundaries. In education, every day we are forced to deal with situations, people, and changes that sometimes others could never imagine. I encourage you to control the biggest controllable, yourself. Don’t let others trap you in their ideas and poor morale! Make changes within yourself to increase your happy…it will show!


How did our growth area help you this month? What changes have you made? 

Looking forward to the Weekend

Looking Forward to the Weekend

Here it is, Sunday. Already I find myself looking forward to the weekend, but is there something wrong with that? I don’t think so!!! Sitting down with my planner gives me the opportunity to see what’s coming at me for the week, but it also let’s me find something to look forward to. I don’t know about you, but I know that after a long week filled with a mound of school “things” it’s always nice to have a light at the end of the tunnel.


Motivation comes for everyone in different manners, but I don’t know too many people who don’t enjoy something! Got a tough day Wednesday, here’s your opportunity to make plans for Friday! Don’t know what to plan, think of something you like to do and make it happen! For some it may be a trip to the mall, but you’re on a tight budget? No problem, find a thrift store or peruse the internet to see who’s having a sale. Like to go outdoors? Plan a trip to a local state park and pack a lunch! Want to explore your city? Visit Travelzoo, Groupon, or Sweetjack, websites aimed at saving you TONS of money and offering you adventures in your own backyard.


Remember that there is nothing wrong with being happy! However, it is your job to ensure that happiness happens in your life. Take control of your week before it begins and schedule some happy!!!




Making the decision to be Happy

ed x


Making the decision¬†to be happy doesn’t seem like much of a choice on a day that starts sourly or after some bad news, but how much of being happy do you control? This thought crossed my mind just a couple days ago when I got a reminder I’d signed up to take a class with the name The Science of Happiness. As I moseyed through a week filled with football practices, rental cars (yep, the car is totaled), and life difficulties, it becomes easy to lose sight of my own goals in life. This email snapped me back into reality and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about me allowing my happiness to be sabotaged.

You may think sabotaged is a harsh word, but I have truly come to learn that allowing others to control your happiness is just a cunning way to keep you from progressing. Going into a day with the thought “this sucks” is just not the way to lead into a good mood or being successful, so why do we do it? Is there a trick to remaining happy? Or is it just a cycle we go through to remain balanced and realistic? My answer is it is truly YOUR choice. Making a decision to do something often yields results you never thought you would be able to reach. Take for instance weight loss. Yes, you’ve made a resolution, but until you truly decide to lose the weight you often stall out and put it off until the next Monday or next month. Deciding to lose weight means you’ve actually made an action plan AND put it in motion!! As we all know, motion builds momentum and the movement towards progress yields results which are often encouraging ¬†themselves! Although it’s nice to set a goal, until you’ve truly DECIDED to move forward you’ll forever be stuck.

¬†Think of the DirecTv commercial….

As a teacher our journey isn’t always an easy one, but making the decision to be happy can yield unfathomable results that even our students are able to take advantage of.¬†Don’t end up the bitter teacher…don’t go into tomorrow or the next day without making the decision to be happy.

You’ll thank yourself later!

Organized: 3 Ways to stretch your wardrobe on a teacher’s budget

As a teacher, there’s a certain point where you start to realize that you didn’t get into the profession for the amazing pay. It’s usually around the time you think about how much you’d like that amazing new wardrobe when it’s time to head back to school, just like the kids! Throw in shopping for a classroom, perhaps children of your own, and maybe a vacation and your teacher’s budget shines bright like a diamond…or perhaps an old cubic zirconia. This year I spent the summer working out and it was definitely time to upgrade my wardrobe, or so I thought. I had a few things happen and I just haven’t had time to shop for myself. Today, we’ll talk about 3 ways to stretch your wardrobe on a teachers’ budget which is what I’ve learned in just a few short weeks!


1. Participate in challenges. In this wonderful world of Instagram, I’ve met some REALLY cool ladies! Teachers seem to have the innate ability to share their wealth of knowledge and do it seamlessly wherever they go! While perusing my feed I’ve come across quite the fashionable teachers and they have some really cool ways to help you stretch your wardrobe, through style challenges. Take for instance @ruffletuesday @trendyteacher & @pennsylvania_prep_girl and their #trendyruffleprepstyle challenge. Each week in August, they’ve released a “schedule” of theme’s for your outfits. I was skeptical at first about completing the challenge, but it’s been REALLY fun! I’ve dug wayyyyyyyy in the back of my closet and repurposed some items in a way I’d never thought possible! I encourage you to find a few “trendy” ladies on Instagram, follow, and participate in a style challenge!




2.Revisit the Basics. As a woman there are always those “basics” everyone speaks of, but as a teacher we have our own set of basics! Think comfy shoes, a ton of cardigans, and khaki or black pants? Yes, those basics are staples in perhaps every teachers wardrobe, but take the time to revisit the true classics of ¬†a woman’s wardrobe. Think of a white t-shirt, yes it sounds crazy to spend over $10 on a t-shirt, but think of the MANY ways you can wear it! With a quick change of accessories, you can take a shirt from day to night and from the classroom to date night!!! Try it out…it’s amazing what the classics you have can do for your wardrobe.


Style this Life

3. Accesorize. OMG…I am the first to just get overwhelmed at the sight of accessories in a store. As crazy as it seems, these accessories can make an old wardrobe brand new. So, you love J. Crew (I know I do) but can’t afford their jewels? Try the next best thing…Etsy. I will tell you, once you start browsing Etsy you’re never gonna want to stop browsing Etsy, but there is SO much for you to see!!!! Using Instagram, I’ve come across two SUPER stylish shops, Stylethislife and Glitter and Juls. Although the jewelry is stylish, it’s reasonably priced and think of the MANY ways you can wear it!!! If you’re into small metal jewelry, Forever 21 has a zillion pieces under $5 that are sure to make you happy and fit right into your teacher budget!!!




¬†How do you keep your teacher wardrobe fresh? What’s your go to accessory?¬†