How to find your happy

Over the summer I tend to hunker down and read all of the books I’ve wished I had time to read all school year. The first book on my list this summer just happened to be The Happiness Project.



I got half way through the book and it prompted me to think of all the surveys we take at school, the articles we read, and the “decompression sessions” I had during the school year. I just couldn’t figure out how I loved teaching SO much, but I just wasn’t happy. I wondered if Gretchen was on to something about how to find your happy. As I read Gretchen’s account of how she decided to try and make herself more happy, I realized that perhaps I needed to apply this method to my teacher “life”. I started writing it all down for myself, but then I wondered if there were other teacher’s who would like to go on this same journey with me! I mentioned to one teacher, then another, and I thought why not share this with the world! I am “new” to the blogging world, but I hope that you find the time to find your own happy during the course of the school year. I¬†will introduce the steps we will use to find our happy using daily reminders, goal setting, and our teaching community. It will not be an easy process, but with the wonderful teacher leaders and collaborative efforts I am sure you will be successful.

I hope this blog helps you on you quest as we begin our journey to 180 Days to Happy!



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  1. Katrice says:

    Yes! I think sometimes people think it’s just something I’m saying when I note that I decided to be happy. It’s real. I actually started to actively pursue happiness and it changed everything. Lovely blog.

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