Here we go again…


where can i buy topamax online Wow, as I sit in front of my computer I am enjoying the second to last Friday of my summer break. Reflecting on things that I’ve done and things I thought I was going to get done is making me feel a bit nostalgic…per usual. Yep, it’s O-V-E-R! If you haven’t noticed, I have been away for awhile but I really miss writing and sharing my experiences in the classroom and the great things my students are accomplishing. So, I am back and really going to work on staying BACK. If you’re not already, be sure to follow me on Twitter at @rachealburden and say hello. I will be back to share about some upcoming speaking engagements, what is going on with my Ph.D. program and just life!

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I’m not stuck, anymore.


Life. It got me. It got me stuck. It got me stuck, but now I’m free! I’m not stuck, anymore. Continue reading

Teacher End of the Year Gifts – The Erin Condren Way!

Erin Condren End of the year teacher gifts -180 Days to HappyAs a teacher, I will admit the end of the year is the toughest. Our student’s “true colors” are showing, my sweet sixth-graders have become mini 7th graders (with attitude and all) and we get to say goodbye to our sweet and grown-up eighth graders. In the midst of it, I always get so emotional as a parent who send her child to school and has entrusted him to a group of teachers to encourage his growth. This year, just like the others, my son has been blessed with a set of phenomenal teachers so in gathering my teacher end of the year gifts, I had to take extra care. Continue reading

Why being a teacher sucks, and I love it!

Why Being a Teacher Sucks & I love It 180 Days to HappyCan I just be honest? I don’t like my job every day. I don’t enjoy dealing with students and paperwork and testing and meetings and fire drills and the list could go on (and on and on). BUT… I love my job! Continue reading

Next Lesson & Google Apps

Next Lesson & Google Apps- 180 Days to Happy

It’s so funny how fast time truly flies when you’re having fun. This week,  students were able to act as  employees & are moving right along using the Who’s Watching PBL we began from Next Lesson! Since my standards require me to teach a suite of products to include word processing, publishing, presentation, and spreadsheets it was important to me to incorporate each of these while we worked through this task. In the past, I only taught using Microsoft Office but I thought it would be a good time to try out Google Apps since we are a newly minted GAFE school. Let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint!  Continue reading